La Senda de Camille is a circular mountain trek which takes you through spectacular countryside of the Natural Park of the Occidental Valleys in Huesca (Spain) and the National Park of the Pyrenees in France.

As you follow the footsteps of Camille, the last indigenous bear of this region, you will discover a unique part of the Pyrenees. Through our collaboration with the mountain hostels en route, you can depend on us for a comfortable night’s sleep and a chance to relax and refuel at the end of each stage. Each refuge is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, making your overnight stay as special as the walk itself.

You are able to choose your starting point, and in which direction you walk, clockwise or anti-clockwise (see map). Whichever way you walk, you will enjoy the natural richness of these valleys as you take in the beautiful peaks of Petrachema, Agujas d’Ansabere, Castillo d’Acher, Agüerri, Bisaurín and Acué and visit isolated beauty spots such as the lakes of Estanes and Arlet, el Valle de los Sarrios, (Valley of the Chamois), Bosque de las Hayas (Beech Woods), la Garganta del Aspe (the Throat of Aspe) or the Circle (Circo) of Lescun.

La Senda de Camille is a trek of around six hours per stage (etapa). Physical fitness is a requirement for this walk, as well as mountain walking experience and an ability to read a map and a compass.

Guided Treks

Guided treks summer 2017:

JUNE: 25 to 1/July.
JULY: 9 to 15 or 23 to 29.
AUGUST: 30/July to 5, 6 to 13, 14 to 20 or 21 to 27.
SEPTEMBER: 3 to 9 or 17 to 23.


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